March 4, 2019

Laid Foundation Stone of New Railway Line between Morappur to Dharampuri, in Tamil Nadu

My good friend, brother and colleague, Dr Anbumani Ramadoss, I was going to add popular leader of Dharmagiri and Tamil Nadu but you have shown it yourself. My good friend, honorable Minister from Tamil Nadu State Government Mr. Thangamani, Mr Amalagam, the honourable president of the PMK, Thiru GK Mani, former Railway Ministers Thiru Vellu, Theru AK Murthy, former Member of Parliament Dr. Senthil, former President of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Tamil Nadu Mr Lakshmanan, senior leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Mr Balakrishna, Mr Aryavardrajan, both the general managers of Indian Railways, Mr Kulsheshtra and Mr Singh, the honorable collector Mr Malarvizhi, all the officials of the state government, of the Indian Railways, all my friends from the media, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters of Tamil Nadu, Vanakkam!

I am extremely grateful to Dr Ramadoss for the very warm welcome that I received in Dharmagiri. Today, I feel blessed to be in Dharmapuri, which is the city of Dharma and, particularly on the auspicious day of Mahashivratri. I pray to Lord Shiva to bless all the family members of all our distinguished friends who have gathered here. I pray for your happiness for peace and prosperity. I was not able to visit the famous Sri Kottai Kovil temple today, but Dr. Ramadoss brought the temple to greet me, the priest to greet me, I am really grateful to you for that.

Today, I pay homage to the two jawans of Tamil Nadu, Subramanian G from district Tutukudi and Sivachandran C from district Ariyalur who have both given up their lives, the supreme sacrifice, so that all of us can live in peace, so that all of us can feel secure. To their family members, Veera Vanakkam.

We are also very proud of wing commander Abhinandan Vardhaman bravery and for making all of India proud and, particularly, to make Tamil Nadu proud. He has given a befitting reply to the terrorists and to those who sponsor terrorism. The nation is proud of its soldiers, the nation is proud of Abhinandan from Tamil Nadu, who showed bravery in the face of an attack from the Pakistani Air Force, but with his bravery he shot down a plane and was able to show to Pakistan that they cannot come to India, they cannot touch even one inch of Indian territory. And I assure each and every one of you, your lives are safe, your lives are secure, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will not allow anybody to look at India with an evil eye and anybody who attacks India, we will give them 10 times more damage than what they can try to do to India.

Just now my friend, Ammumani was mentioning that some parties, of course, those parties other than corruption I don’t think they know anything else. But they are suspecting whether this railway line will come up or will not come up. I would like to tell those people from that party that you do corruption, we will do development. Of course, those parties can never believe when any good is happening just like they are questioning our armed forces, just like they are asking questions about the air strike, just like they are talking in the same language as Pakistan. I think we should not bother about such people, let them say anything, we will focus to protect our country and for progress and development of our country.

I feel ashamed at those political leaders who are today questioning the Indian Air Force and their act of bravery. I am also ashamed that they are questioning the engineers of Indian Railways. You must have heard the engineers of Integral Coach Factory in Chennai have developed a modern train, Made in India, designed in India, but the Congress leaders even ask questions about the capability of our engineers from Integral Coach Factory in Chennai and started questioning that train. I want to tell such leaders of DMK and Congress that India is now a proud country, we can make our own trains, we can make our own it equipment, powerhouses. They want to import everything from Italy. We will not allow that to happen. Our engineers will make it in India.

And now the trains that we make in Tamil Nadu, we will export to Italy also. It brings to my mind what the famous Tamil philosopher Thiruvalluvar had said “when the rare chance comes, seize it to do the rare deed.” I was shocked when my friend Ammumani ji said this train line which was started in 1906 during the time of the Famine has been stopped since 1941, 78 years ago.

The Congress party has been in power for most of the time after Independence, why did they not make this line for so many years? I want to ask their friends in the DMK, why did they not put pressure on their Congress party when they were in power, jointly sharing power in UPA, why did they not make this line in all those years? But today, I am announcing from this stage Mr Sudhakar Rao will be the officer in charge of this project.

Everybody please see and may the cameras also record Sudhakarrao. Because this line was an old line, we already have 30 km land also available, only 5 km, about 44 hectare land more land is required. I appeal to you whoever owns that 44 hectares, please give us that land quickly so that work can be completed fast. I am not talking of starting. Starting will happen immediately. I am talking of completing the line.

I am also happy to make one more announcement, Anbumani ji you have come so many times to meet us, today I have come to Dharmagiri without your asking I want to make a big announcement. We already have Hosur to Bangalore doubling and electrification work, which has been sanctioned. But today, I am announcing we will immediately start the survey work for doubling and electrification from Hosur to Salem going via Dharmagiri.

I have one more good news for the people of Dharmagiri district, honorable Minister Mr Anbalagan, Minister for Higher Education has just now given a letter to me. This is dated 4th March. Just now he has given me the letter on the stage, asking get that the Chennai to Palakkad Superfast Express, train number 22651-22652 should stop at Morapur railway station. And the Modi government speed is that we have accepted this request.

So the country is safe with Mr Modi, the country is progressing, progressing and progressing with Mr Modi. And we have assured that there will be a New India, a New India which will be the best country in the world. Every person will have a home. Every home will have a toilet. Every home will have 24 hour electricity, good healthcare facility under Ayushman Bharat. We will have good education for our children of tomorrow. We will connect all parts of India by train, by airports, by seaports, digital connectivity. We want to make India a proud nation, a nation that the world should be jealous of.

We have just now launched the PM Kisan scheme under which every farmer, who is a small or marginal farmer, will get 6000 rupees every year for years and years in the future. Tomorrow, Prime Minister will launch the Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mandhan Yojana by which unorganised labour can also contribute a small amount and get pension of 3000 rupees after retirement. We are committed to the development of each and every state, each and every district, and each and every person who lives in India.

And therefore, we are confident that you will give us your blessings. We have made a strong alliance between Anna-DMK, PMK, BJP and other parties. We want to serve you. Therefore, I am going to leave Dharmapuri with a commitment from all of you ‘naar padam numba de’. So let us all stand up and make a commitment that in Dharmagiri dharma will prevail and we will all work for ‘naar padam numba de’. Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Thank you. Vannakam!

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