November 23, 2016

In a fresh survey by C-Voter, 80-86% of people across India supported demonetisation move by PM Narendra Modi

Govt. plans to replace gold import with mining of high-value products to improve India’s current account deficit.

The demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes is being seen positively by a large part of the population cutting across the lines of age, income levels and area of residence, a nationwide survey conducted by C-Voter has suggested. A whopping 80-86 percent of those surveyed said the inconvenience caused by the demonetisation is worth the effort of combating black money.

C-Voter, an international polling agency headquartered in India, conducted its survey in close to half the total parliamentary constituencies on Monday.

The wide-ranging support for the demonetisation cut across the barriers of categorisation. The numbers remained consistently high when broken down on the basis of area of residence, income levels or by age groups.

A landslide 86 percent of the respondents living in urban and rural areas said the inconvenience was worth it. This was 80.6 percent in semi-urban areas. The highest level of support however seems to come from those from the higher income group, 90.6 percent of whom said the move is worth it. Also tellingly, the lowest level of support in the ‘below 25’, 25-45, 45-60 and 60+ was 83.3 percent.

A picture of broad support also emerged for those who thought the demonetisation was a ‘good move and equally well implemented’. This sentiment was reflected in 71 percent of those surveyed in urban areas, 65.1 percent in semi-rural zones and 59.4 percent of rural respondents.
Conversely, 23.8 percent of urban, 24.3 percent of semi-urban and 36 percent of rural respondents agreed with the charge of some opposition parties that demonetisation was a ‘good step but poorly implemented’.
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