June 6, 2017

Speaking at Youth Samvesha – Bangalore

…..to all our young friends here, let them see it at length, I will not be able to go through the entire presentation, it will take quite long. But, why I brought this along, I will explain to you.

Hon’ble Prime Minster made a group of Ministers to collect all the work that has happened in the last 3 years. 3 years is about a 1000 days, 1100 days or so. We started trying to find out from each Minister, from each department, what what work has happened. You will be surprised that when we started compiling this data, it was coming to a few thousand items that came up that this has happened, this has happened, this has happened — a few thousand items. Then we had the very unfortunate task, because that is the worst thing anybody can be given; to reduce this to a few items which can be compiled in a small presentation. Because what happens in that is that if I write anything about one Ministry and little less about another Ministry then they all come and start fighting with me. Because, everybody wants his things to be projected.

With great difficulty, even after doing all effort to try and bring it down to only the important items, the presentation became 240 slides — 240 slides. For most of you who are used to presentations in your office and all, you know that a good presentation should not have more than 8-10-12 slides. From a few thousand to bring it down to a bare-bone presentation, it became 240 slides. I was given the task of making this presentation before the electronic media on the 27th of May. Amit Shahji was there, Hon’ble Home Minister, Hon’ble Finance Minister, Hon’ble Urban Development Minister, Hon’ble External Affairs Minister, all were there and the media was there. I started making the presentation, 240 slides, I lost my throat as it is I have a very lousy throat. On top of that, to explain and describe the work of 240 slides.

While I was speaking on each slide, I promise you young friends, suppose I am speaking on slide 13, while reading it out or while talking about it or describing it, I could remember 10 other things related to that or of that Ministry, which also I should have actually included and spoken about. But for paucity of time or paucity of space, we could not cover it and it just went on and on. I think Amit Shah Ji also got worried that media may lose their patience. Then in the evening, I had to make a second presentation, he said now cut it down, we can’t even talk about so many items. So, whole afternoon we sat we could cut it down to only 100 slides. Even then we just could not reduce it below that. Finally, next day again we were to make presentation on 28th to others, so we further cut it down and today, I am going to give you an even abridged version of that. And, I am saying this to you that what I am showing you is only a bare-bone, high-level, few points.

But, if you go to see, this is one government which in only three years, has touched every single citizen of this country. 125 crore Indians have been touched by one or the other scheme of this government, by one or the other programme of this government.  And, it is probably the first time ever, that a Prime Minister, whose government has already completed 3 years, his popularity has risen from his own popularity in 2014. You must have seen all the surveys and various newspapers, various T.V. channels, never before has a Prime Minister’s popularity actually increased after 3 years of government.

Usually, even if you look back, let’s say 1984, at that time congress had won with 415 seats in parliament, we only got 282 – congress at that time got 415 in 1984. But, by 86 within 2-2.5 years, Sumanath Ji you will remember, that Prime Minister and his government was one of the most discredited governments that ever happened and in the next elections they lost. And, here you have Prime Minister Modi, whose popularity has gone up, but, the people of India trust Prime Minister Modi. They trust his leadership, they believe in his vision. They believe that he is the man, who will make India a better place to live in, who will develop India, who will give a better future to the youth of India.

In fact, if you see Bengaluru itself, at one point of time it was a mud fort. From a mud fort, it has grown to become one of the most important cities in the country — an IT Capital. The whole world knows Bangalore today. It represents the new age India. It represents the emerging India. It is a face of India all over the world.

Yesterday, we celebrated World Environment Day all over the world, but also in Bengaluru. I think our Hon’ble MP Ananth Kumar Ji was also on the streets planting thousands of trees all over Bengaluru. But, never before has India been able to show the kind of leadership in the world that today Prime Minster Modi has been able to demonstrate. The whole world is looking up to Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, when it comes to addressing the concerns of climate change, when it comes to addressing the concerns of environment deterioration or pollution. I had the occasion to be with him in Paris, when the COP21 Paris negotiations were going on, every leader of the world was looking at the Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, that you are the person who can bring all countries together and get a consensus in the world to save the planet, to leave behind as I said (inaudible).

And now, you know what one of the large country’s leader has just announced that he is walking out of Paris Agreement. During that period, Hon’ble Prime Minister was in Germany, Russia, Paris and France, and Spain. All the leaders of these four major economies of Europe have appreciated that today the global effort to protect the environment and address the concerns of climate change are being led by Prime Minister Modi singlehandedly, and India is at the forefront of this challenge, of fighting this crisis of pollution, of climate change. And, for the first time, the whole world is recognising India’s leadership; be it in climate, be it in the fight against the black money, be it in the fight against terrorism, and today the nation stands in the comity of nations in the world as a powerful nation, a powerful leader leading a powerful nation, as a nation that everybody has to respect, as a nation of which you and I are all proud citizens. A nation, which is working to better the future of every citizen of India, to bring happiness into the life of every citizen — which is working towards the dream of Prime Minister Modi — that by 2022 when India turns 75 years of independence, every person in this country will have his own home, that home will have a good toilet, that home will have 24 hours electricity, good clean drinking water, he will have a road access to his house, he will have quality healthcare for his family nearby, his children will get high quality education. Each citizen whether he lives in the remotest village of India will have an equal opportunity, his children will have an equal opportunity, to participate in the emerging India, in the new India which is the dream of all of you, which is the dream of Prime Minister Modi.

Three years have gone by, lot has happened in 3 years. We will quickly run through this presentation, just to give you a glimpse of why we say साथ है, विश्वास है, हो रहा विकास है | साथ है इसलिए कि nothing can be done without janbhagidari — without peoples’ involvement. Unless, all of us work together as Team India — 125 crore Indians — we cannot hope for progress. After all, when you look at each one of our programmes, if you want to do a clean India; Swachh Bharat Programme — today morning also I was participating in the Swachh Bharat Programme — can the government make this country clean, alone? It is not possible, it will have to be Public-Private Partnership together. When everybody decides that we want to make this country clean, we will keep our environment clean, then only this country can be clean.

While we were doing Swachh Bharat, after we had cleaned the garbage out, I spent some time talking to the shopkeepers there, to the local residents that look cleaning the garbage is one aspect of Swachh Bharat, the real aspect is that you will have to continuously keep it clean. You will have to throw the garbage in the dustbin, not on the street. इसलिए साथ है, हम सबका जब साथ है और जब देश का साथ है प्रधानमंत्री मोदी जी के साथ, हम सब के साथ | जब देश विश्वास करता है प्रधानमंत्री मोदी जी के ऊपर, तभी देश का विकास हो सकता है | It is only then that India can prosper, it is only then that we can make a developed India. Together, all of us can go far, if we work alone, we can only go a short distance. When all of us combine our energies together, then we can really make a developed India. And, in this story of making of developed India, every youth, every young boy and girl, believes in the Prime Minister’s leadership, believes in his commitment to serve the country, serve the poor of India, serve rural India, serve the women of India, serve the socially and economically marginalised sections of society or the deprived sections of society, serve every citizen — the 125 crore citizens of this country in a manner that going forward, India will not only be a developed nation, but it will be a nation of happy people. And, why did the people trust Prime Minister Modi? यह विश्वास क्यों है लोगों का मोदी जी के ऊपर? वह निस्वार्थ भावना से — without any selfish desires —निस्वार्थ भावना से, दिन और रात…

He has not taken one day holiday in 3 years. I have also taken 3 days holiday, I had to go for my son’s graduation, but he has not taken one day holiday — whether it is Saturday, Sunday. He is at work throughout. He was in Germany, I was also there, we had Inter-Government Consultations. So, one of his colleagues in the PMO, I was chatting with him. I said, you should keep at least one hour free for him. Modi Ji used to like to go to museums, see gardens, go and see some memorials, keep at least some time for him. They said, no, no! He doesn’t have any time, he likes to be on the job, he likes to work continuously.

And, that is a role model for all of us. In fact, that encourages all of us. Because, when you know that if you will work or you will take two steps forward, your leader is going to take four steps along with you. It really is a great encouragement for a young person like me, for Sumanath Ji, for all our leadership, to work for a better India, for a better future for the youth of India.


What we’ll try to do in this is, we will capture the outcomes and we will make this a little thematic. In 11 themes, I will explain to you, how this government’s mind works, what is the logic of our different programmes?

First of all, this is clearly a bold government, a very decisive government. And, if you recall 3 years, 4 years back, the then Congress government would never take decision, they would vacillate, procrastinate. But, Prime Minister Modi doesn’t hesitate to take bold decisions. And, a bold decisive leadership is the hallmark of Modi Ji’s government. It is only then that you can meet a billion people’s aspirations. 125 crore लोगों की जो अपेक्षा है, आशा है एक अच्छे जीवन के लिए, वह प्रधानमंत्री मोदी जी का एक प्रकार से धर्म है, जिसको वह New India के रूप में इस देश में लागू करना चाहते हैं, लाना चाहते हैं | You are all aware that, not a single allegation of corruption has come against this government in 3 years.

And, we all know that corruption eats into this society. We are all disgusted when we have to pay corruption to leaders, to politicians, to officers, to bureaucrats, to policemen, nobody likes it. We have started from the top, we have run an honest government, everything is transparent, given-out though auctions, purchased through e-bidding. And, we believe that this will percolate down to the entire country and in which all of us have to play a role, because corruption तो तभी होगा ना, if somebody gives money. How can anybody take money, unless somebody gives money? We have to sensitise our people, we have to talk to everybody — stop corruption, stop giving money. That is the only way we can make sure that this society becomes honest. And, that has been one of the most important elements of this government’s work.


Of course, these three years have seen, as Hon’ble Sumanath Ji was saying, we even did surgical strikes when Pakistan was not coming to terms with the reality that terrorists have no place in India — when we had aggressive action against terrorists, they tried to send more terrorists to India. And, then surgical strikes gave a solid message, that this country and our people will not tolerate any kind of incursions or any damage to Indian property, to Indian people. We were able to restore the pride of India through the surgical strikes. And, apart from that, the different diplomatic moves जिसको कूटनीति कहते है. All across the world, today, India is a respected nation.

You are all aware about how in the missile technology also, India has made rapid strides. And, taking with the great deal of confidence, when you take these……..…. It is not ironic, my wife often tells me that every time you are in a public programme, once the light must go away, so that you keep reminding yourself that you still have a lot of work to do and don’t become lazy. So, I think Somanth Ji को मेरी wife का phone आया होगा ज़रूर.

And, this fight against corruption or black money is not a one-time fight, it is a continuous journey. Whether it is demonetisation, whether it is the attack against money stashed away abroad, whether it is the attack against Benami properties, whether it is our effort to stop all allotment of coal mines, spectrum to friends, relatives, MPs, MLAs, Ministers and their families, but give everything away by transparent auction. All of these are a series of steps to bring about an honest government in this country. We have taken very tough measures, which has started (inaudible). The GST, once it come in, we will be able to make sure that nobody is able to cheat even in the payment of taxes. Because then transactions will get captured at every level in the computer system — in the GSTN— in such a way, that if anybody tries to move out of the formal system, it will get captured by the GSTN Network.

Of course, there have been so many issues which were pending for a long time, which this government has been able to solve it You will all remember, this Bangladesh Border dispute, for years, four decades it was still pending. Under the able leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Ananth Kumar Ji, Venkaiah Garu, all of them together, we were able to solve the Bangladesh dispute, which was a historic achievement.

Similarly, the Enemy Property Act, people who had migrated to Pakistan, but their properties here they were still claiming a right on. Did any Indian who lost his property in Pakistan get back even one rupee worth of property? No! But the congress was trying that lakhs of crores of Indian property and wealth be given to Pakistanis who left India, went to Pakistan and then sent one family member back to claim this crores and crores and crores of rupees of property. But, Prime Minister Modi was firm. We passed an ordinance, then converted it into law. Despite, opposition from the congress, we were able to pass that and lakhs of crores of property we were able to save of the government, of the people of India.


Similarly, Railway Budget, every year it was a separate budget, only announcements of new lines and new trains, but no action on the ground. 40-40 year old projects were not completed. The budget used to be passed in May, so first quarter we could never spend the budget money. Every year, if you recall, budget was given on 28th February, it would get passed by end-April or mid of May, so first quarter, there was hardly any spending. Second quarter would be the monsoon. So, budget spending really was administrative cost for 6 months and at the end of the year, when people said, Oh! We will run out, the time will run out, they would suddenly spend all money which never reached the people of India, which never reached the true beneficiaries. And, which is why, that same Prime Minister had to say, that Rs. 100 spend from Delhi, only Rs. 15 reached the common man. Mr. Modi wants to change all that, he wants that if Rs. 100 comes from Delhi, Rs. 100 is spend for the welfare of the poor. He advanced the budget date, first time in seventy years. And, now the budget was passed before March, 31st. And, right from the first day of the year, the money is being spent for service of the people of India, to serve the poor of India.


Similarly, One-Rank One-Pension, four decades, our ex-servicemen who have served, many of them have given their lives for this nation, but their pensions were very low from the old times — somebody was getting Rs. 500, 200, 300. First or second month of this government, we took a decision that everybody in this country will get a minimum pension of Rs. 1000/-, as a respect to the old people who have served India. And, then after full study and discussions, One-Rank One-Pension was finally made a reality, for the first time after four decades of demand of the ex-servicemen.

Another very important aspect has been the focus of this government, to serve the rural India and to serve the poor of India. And to not serve them only by giving them freebies and subsidies, but by empowering them — empowering the ‘gaaon’, empowering the ‘gareeb’. Make them self-reliant, make them self-sufficient, give them a skill, give them an opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Ultimately, unless we serve the poor of India and they rise in their life, we will never be able to make India a developed country. And, therefore, a series of steps were taken, so that even rural India progresses, rural India sees the development and gets all the benefits of urban India in the rural parts of the country. To transform the lives of the poor of the people living in the villages, we used the  Jan Dhan, Aadhaar and Mobile trinity — JAM.  28.52 crore Jan Dhan accounts have been opened in the last three years. Almost 13 crore Indians have got social security through the Jan Suraksha social security schemes.

The Mudra Yojana, in which small loans – 5,000, 10,000, 50,000 up to Rs. 10 lakhs, everybody can get without collateral security or without a guarantor. Why did we encourage that? Because, in earlier times every government would only think of a top-down approach — you set up a large steel plants, spend 20 thousand crores and gradually, it will trickle down to the poor — never happened. That steel plant made a few people rich, gave 5-6 thousand people job, but the poor remained poor. But, under Mudra Yojana, nearly 7 crore beneficiaries received loans of over 3 lakh crores. Small loans —average size is only 45-50,000 loans, but they became entrepreneurs, they became self sufficient, they were able to stand on their own feet. And, therefore, the youth of India today are moving away from becoming job seekers to becoming job creators.

We want to encourage all of you, pick up a profession of your choice, pick up a vocation of your choice, learn the skills in that, and you will be able to be a entrepreneur, you will be able to live the life of your dreams. You saw that movie 3 Idiots — I think all must have seen that movie 3 Idiots. You can’t force a child just to become an engineer or a doctor. Every child, every young man, boy or girl wants to live his own dream. Mahadevan, I think, in that movie wanted to be a photographer, Amir Khan wanted to be a scientist; he wanted to explore new avenues, not just be an engineer by …., which all of us have done in our life by heart —that is the right word, na? Read the book by heart, study it by heart and go and reproduce it like a xerox machine in the answer sheets and get ranks, even all of us have done it. I have done that in my student days. We want to change that. We want to allow children to pursue their dreams.  And, therefore, the Mudra Yojna, Stand-up India, Skill India, all of these schemes, Start-up India, are to promote entrepreneurship among the youth of India.

Of course, to empower the poor, we are also giving very-very concessional loans to make people owner of their own homes. After all, if we have to give everybody a home by 2022, as I said earlier, we will have to give them low-cost funds to be able to make his own home. So today, for a loan up to Rs. 6 lakh — and in the villages, in smaller places, a poor person in Rs. 6 lakh loan can make a very good house — the interest subvention, central government gives an interest subsidy of 6.5% for 20 years. Today, a normal bank loan, hosing loan is available at 8.5%, out of that 6.5% central government gives. So, the EMI becomes really affordable for the poorest of the poor also to own his own house. The middleclass can take loan up to 9 lakh at 4.5% interest subvention or up to 12 lakh at 3% interest subvention. Idea is that everybody becomes the owner of his own house. Some may want to make the house in their village, in some smaller town, some may want to make it in the city, each one will make his own choice. But, the idea is that everybody should have the comfort that I own my house, I am the owner of a good house, my children will get good quality home to live in.

Similarly, giving electricity to every citizen has been the commitment of this government. You are aware that Prime Minister Modi on 15th August 2015, had announced that within a 1000 days all the 18452 villages which didn’t have electricity despite 70 years of Independence, we will connect them with electricity in a 1000 days. I am happy to share with you, that over 13500 of them have already received electricity by now, not even 700 days are over. The balance we will complete before the end of this year. And, without waiting for a 100 days, we will take electricity to each and every village in this country.

When the question comes about homes, the 2011 census had shown, nearly 7 crore homes did not have electricity — 7 crore homes means nearly 30 crore people. We have been working on mission-mode to give every home an electric connection. Particularly, the Below Poverty Line – BPL Families — free electricity connection. While the target is 15th August, 2022, by when we want to make sure that everybody gets electricity, I have made a personal promise and I have taken a pledge that we will do it faster that 2022, we will take it by 2019 — before the end of 2019 we will take electricity to every home in this country. So that no child ever has to be deprived of quality education; no child has to study below a kerosene lamp. It pains me, why those large number of young boys and girls should suffer for a basic amenity like electricity, despite 7 decades of independence?


On a similar note, we are also focusing on building rural roads in a big way. We have added nearly 1,20,000 kms of rural roads in the last 3 years. And, through the Udaan Yojana, we are taking air connectivity to very remote areas all across the country.

Of course, workers welfare — Kaamgar — the labour who works in different places is also a priority of this government. For the first time in independent India, there was a 42% increase in minimum wages across the board, for agriculture workers, industrial workers, all sections, city, village, everywhere — 42% increase in the minimum wages notified by the central government. We have given 8.11 crore Provident Fund account holders a Unique Identification Number — a UAN number —  by which even if they change their job — you remember that agitation in Bangalore in Bommanahalli only, the casual government workers — why they were agitating? It is not that they don’t want social security, everybody wants social security for their family, for their old age. But, the problem was, when our government came in 2014, there was nearly 25 thousand crores, which were lying in dormant PF accounts. So, a casual worker works somewhere, then he moves a job to another place, this account becomes a dormant account. Poor fellow is not able to transfer it to the new place, and very often this money is lost, which is why the workers were agitating and rightly so. Prime Minister Modi said, this is not good, we have to change this.

Now, everybody will have a Unique Number, so wherever he goes and works, he has to only give that number, his Provident Fund account will move with him and every rupee of the worker will be protected. And, you will be happy to know that everyone of those whose dormant accounts were lying in the government — 25,000 crores — now the department is trying to look out, trace those people and return the money to them. Already, Rs. 5,826 crores have been returned to the workers from these dormant accounts by our government, by your government. Otherwise, this 5,826 crores was genuinely your money, the people’s money, the workers’ money, but which was lost, he could never claim it, because it was lying in dormant government account. So out 25 thousand……. (Inaudible).


……I think I gave a wrong answer, I should have said that if the people keep electing congress governments, you don’t have to worry, your generator business ……. And, मुझे लगता है these are signs of India becoming very soon a कांग्रेस-मुक्त भारत | This is probably the only….. So, as I was saying the effort is to do clean, honest clean auction of all natural resources. We have been working for clean auction of coal mines, auction of spectrum.

The Foreign Direct Investment, a lot of reform has been done. Today, in the country the highest FDI ever was received last year — over $63 Billion. And, FDI rules have been simplified so much, that foreigners today are looking at an honest atmosphere to invest in India in a big way. A lot of subsidies used to get lost because of corruption, through direct benefit transfer we have been able to save a large amounts of money. Almost, 49,650 crores saving in subsidy, which goes to serve the people of India again. Many of us may have experienced real estate development, real estate builders, who take money from consumers, but don’t give the flat in time. We have brought in the RERA regulations — Real Estate Regulation Act — which will make it much more difficult for builders to cheat common consumers.


And, of course, you are all aware for Group C & D jobs, the interviews have been removed, so that everybody gets a much easier way to get into jobs without any corruption. It will be through merit, through bio-datas, not through interview where people can choose or select people of their choice.

A lot of work has been done on Labour Reform in the last 3 years. As I said earlier, it is a mass movement towards Swarajya, towards good governance. And, that is why, it is the Janbhagidaari — the collective effort of all of us that will make India truly a developed nation. Where citizens and the government work together as one, that is when the country will rise. We saw that in the demonetisation, the people of India supported Prime Minister Modi, even bore all the hardship, so that the country could be rid of corruption, could be rid of black money. That is the trust in the leader and that is the common effort, where 125 crore Indians are working towards the better future for all of us.

Empowering women is an important element of our government’s efforts. As they say, when you empower one woman, you don’t empower one family, but you empower generations of that family. A lot of effort has gone in through our Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign. For maternity leave, we have increased it from 12 weeks to 26 weeks — paid leave — Rs. 6000 is given to every pregnant women. Women are now allowed to work at night, which was not being allowed earlier. Through the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, our young girls are being given social security. Over 1 crore accounts have been opened in the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana. Through the Mudra Yojana, 70% of the loans — so, out of 3 lakh crore, nearly 2 lakh crore loans — have been given to women and self-help groups of women. Through Mahila Haat, we are giving them an outlet to sell their produce, the entrepreneurial produce that women make. So really, this is a government that’s working for the empowerment and a better future for the women of India. Similarly, it is a government that cares for all sections of society, particularly, for the physically challenged people, for the divyangs and for their welfare.

Also, for the first time, we feel a sense of security, while there are problems of left-wing extremism that have been going on for years, we have been able to contain that to a very small area. That also, serious effort is being made to eliminate Maoist tendencies. More than twice the number of terrorists have been killed in these 3 years than in the previous 3 years. 8000 people have been evacuated from Yemen, Libya, Ukraine, Iraq, South Sudan, all these places, so that every Indian — person of Indian origin — has the confidence that we have a government in India that will care for us. They feel safe and secure anywhere in the world, because this government cares for them.

Similarly, social justice and empowerment of the socially-deprived sections of society has been an important element of this government’s work. Through various programmes, for social justice to the vanchit and the shoshit sections of society, we have for the first time, giving constitutional status to the Backward Classes Commission, which was never done in seven decades. Over 52 lakh individual and community titles have been given to the forest dwellers, the Adivasis.

Overall, this is a visionary government, which is securing India’s future. Which is ensuring a better future for everybody in this country, particularly, for the new generation, for all of you youngsters. We have worked through the Skill Development Ministry, already 22 lakh young boys and girls have received skill training. Apprenticeship is being encouraged in a big way in industry. Through the Direct Benefit Transfer we are making sure benefits reach the direct and deserving people. Over 2 lakh crores have been disbursed through subsidies directly to the people. The Smart City programme, we are encouraging 100 cities to become cleaner and better, and digitally-enabled. Udaan Yojana is taking air connectivity to small towns all across the country. The country is moving from only Highways to I-ways — the digital revolution will not be restricted to Mumbai and Bengaluru, and Delhi, it will go to the remotest villages.

And, you will be happy to know that in 3 years alone, the digital optic fibre cable, has length, which has been installed, has increased from 358 kms in 2014 — only 358 kms, 3 years ago, to 2,02,000 kms in 3 years. Whereas, only 59 Gram Panchayats were connected — digitally connected — in 2014, in only 3 years 59 has increased to 90,996 Gram Panchayats. That is the speed and scale at which this government is working. And, Digital India, brothers and sisters, is a reality, is going to be a reality. And, through the BHIM App, now payments have become so simple. I hope all of you are using BHIM App. Download it! It is so simple to transact through that app that my own guarantee to each one of you. And, I am convinced that in a few years from now, BHIM App will be used not only in India, but in the whole world and we will immortalise Babasaheb Ambedkar in whole world through the BHIM App.


India today, has a pride of place in the world. Brand-India is rising, Modi Ji’s popularity is not only in India, but it is all over the world. We are scaling new heights of success. Our ISRO launch of 104 satellites at one time is unprecedented. Yesterday, we had the launch of a heavy duty satellite, which makes us proud, from Sriharikota. You are all aware of the Mission to Mars — Mangalyaan. Today, India is becoming a nation the world is looking up to. All of South-Asia will benefit from the South-Asia Satellite which was launched last month. So, in every respect, today India has become the world’s growth engine. In all the economic parameters, you are all aware, inflation is down — महंगाई कम हुई है, fiscal deficit, वित्तीय घाटा कम हुआ है, interest rates have fallen, current account deficit has brought down from 4% to .7% — this year we may actually have a current account surplus — growth has almost doubled from 4% to 7-7.5%, Rupee exchange rate is fairly stable.

In every respect, this is a strong economy which is being looked upon by the whole world as the largest market opportunity anywhere in the world. Because of which the whole world and businesses from around the world, today want to come and set up shop in India, set up business in India, want to collaborate with us in India and work jointly with us.

The farmers of India are the backbone of India. Prosperous farmers can only lead to a prosperous nation. And, a series of measures were taken, because of which we have had a record food grain production last year. Despite two years of drought — 2014-15, 2015-16, the country never faced any food grain shortage. Because we are strengthening the farmers. Urea fertiliser was never in short supply. Earlier, you remember there used to be firing and dharnas on highways by farmers, because they would not get fertiliser. Under the leadership of Ananth Kumar, thanks to the neem coating of urea, there has never been a shortage of Urea. We have actually been able to bring down the prices of fertilisers. Through, the Pradhan Mantri Sinchayee Yojana, all the incomplete irrigation projects are getting a push. Through, Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, we are ensuring 100% safeguard against any losses for the farmers. Credit to the farmers for crop loans has increased to 10 lakh crores and Finance Minister said, if more is required, he will even give more funds, so that farmers are never short of money. Soil Health Cards; nearly 6 crore Soil Health Cards have been issued in the last 3 years. And, through the e-NAM — Electronic Market Place — we are connecting the agricultural farmers for their produce, so that they can get the best price and a fair price for their produce at the right time. Ensuring farmers’ welfare is the priority for this government and we stand committed to that.

Similarly, along with farming, we are also ensuring that the Blue Revolution gets a great promotion. Fisheries have a huge potential in India. We are promoting fisheries in a big way and in the years to come, fishing activity will become a very good income earning activity. Karnataka also has a long coast line, on which our fishermen, brother and sisters there, can make good incomes and help agriculturists double their income by 2022.

Harnessing the youth power — Yuva Shakti — is most important for the future of India. For which we have looked at a holistic future for all the youth. Particularly, through skill development, making people employable, making them ready to work and contribute to society. They’re working towards promoting entrepreneurship through Skill India, through Stand-Up India, through Star-Up India, through giving of Mudra loans at very concessional rate of interest.

And, for which Higher education is being given a big thrust also. In the last 3 years, we have started 7 IIMs for management, 6 IITs for engineering, 1 IIIT for electronics engineering, 2 IISCRs for scientific research, 1 NIT, 1 Central University, 10 new All India Institute of Medical Sciences to promote medical education and quality healthcare. And, you will be surprised, Post Graduation Medical seats, in only 3 years, have increased by 50% — 50% increase. And, for medical seats there is an increase of 25%. Because, ultimately, education will empower our youth, will ignite the brilliant minds of India, to develop India, to create a new India. Promoting research & development is very important, if India has to become a land of innovation, a land of technology. And, I am sure Bangalore will be in the cutting-edge of technology, when it comes to IT, when it comes electric vehicles, when it comes to renewable energy and I have a full confidence, that under the able leadership of Prime Minister Modi, we will be able to make Bengaluru shine as an international city not just serving India, but serving the world.

You are all aware, this has been an honest government. We have made every effort to not allow middlemen and Dallals, and not do any action, by which anybody can get an undue favour from this government. Even political party funding, we are trying to make more honest, by reducing the cash donations from 20,000 to Rs. 2,000/-. And, through the introduction of electoral bonds, allow people to contribute to political parties, so that honest money goes into election funding.

As I said, I have tried to capture some of the important elements in this presentation. And, this is only 5% of the work done, may be, being captured in this presentation. Hundreds of other programmes, schemes which I have not even been able to mention. A lot of it is available on the Narendra Modi App, a lot of it is available in the mygov website. And, I would urge, all the young boys and girls, please download Narendra Modi App. It will give you a lot of information about what is happening, lot of talking points when you go out and meet your friends and people. And, it will also give you an opportunity to connect with Prime Minster Modi directly — when you write a mail, you give a suggestion, a new idea or even highlight a problem, it gets flagged off at the highest level — you are directly connected to the Prime Minister and action can be taken on your ideas, they can be given due consideration. So the Narendra Modi App is your bridge between the youth of India and the Prime Minster of India. I would urge all of you to use that bridge, become a part of the making of developed India.  आप सब की जनभागीदारी और सहयोग से इस देश को गौरवशाली बनाना a proud nation, a developed nation, is the promise that we have given to the people of India. I am sure the youth of India will work hand-in-hand, shoulder to shoulder with the government to make this dream a reality.

I know it had become a little late, but I wanted to share with you certain glimpses, which then you can share with everybody and that will give you the talking points to go with the message to the people of Karnataka, the people of Bengaluru, how a good honest government is transforming India’s destiny. And, I think the time has come to change the current corrupt government of Karnataka, so that we can have an honest and development oriented government in Karnataka also.

Thank you very much.


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