May 10, 2018

Speaking at a press conference in Karnataka

Mr Amit Shah will be addressing the media and the people of Karnataka later this evening after he completes his campaign. As you all aware, he is at Badami today where he will be meeting the people of Badami, who have made up their mind to defeat Mr. Siddaramaiah and the corrupt Congress regime that this state has suffered for the last five years. Mr. Amit Shah will be laying out our perspective of the campaign. The issues before the people of Karnataka and our plans to create a prosperous future for all the people of Karnataka, “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas”.

Today, we also heard a presser by Shri Rahul Gandhi and we heard the Congress President offering a hollow end to an empty rhetoric filled election campaign. I was trying to make a statement of what we should respond to but I was amazed that here was a press conference that seemed only to have been called to try and address the issue of internal dissent and discontent in the Congress party, about which all of us are well aware. It seems that the press conference was a desperate attempt to convey that the leaders of the Congress are united and there are no divisions within the party, because other than that, I found no specific issue related to Karnataka being addressed in the entire press conference.

We have yet to know the views of the Congress President on the Mahadayi for instance, whether the Congress party in Goa is opposing the resolution agreed by both the governments. In fact, you are all well aware that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi Ji has categorically opposed Karnataka’s interests by saying in Goa that not a single drop of water will be released for Karnataka. We still do not have a response to the failed effort to divide the Lingayats of Karnataka so as to stop a Lingayat from becoming the Chief Minister. He did not tell us his solutions to the collapse of Bengaluru’s infrastructure under the Congress’s highly corrupt regime.

He did not say anything about the performance of the Congress government in five years. The corruption of Siddaramaiah and his Ministers, he was not able to tell the people of Karnataka who is responsible for the highest number of farmer suicides in Karnataka. When he is talking of Inamdan, he did not respond to where the Hublot watch came from, and why it was given to the Chief Minister. He did not talk about the amount of cash found in Badami where the Chief Minister himself is trying to save the embarrassment of not even being elected as an MLA, forget becoming Chief Minister. He did not answer about the communal divide that the Congress is trying to create, when the Congress candidates are going to seek votes in the name of religion with the support of a terror organization.

I think the Congress party, the Congress President and the failed and corrupt Siddaramaiah government have no answers and other than deflecting questions, we did not get any specific responses which affect the people of Karnataka. It almost looked like a tutored press conference because many press persons I am given to understand, as I saw on some television channels, were not even allowed to ask questions. And whenever a question was probably not asked as per script, an effort was made to paraphrase the question.

I think this was a press conference more focused on China and Pakistan without responding to the straight questions of the local Karnataka people’s issues, about which the corrupt Siddaramaiah government has no answers to offer. The vague responses in the press conference in effect remind me of his other epic interaction that ranged from connecting MRIs around the country to solve the health sector problems of India, and the even more epic Jupiter escape velocity statements that Mr Rahul Gandhi has made in the past.

A desperate last minute press conference that gave us nothing new about how and what they will do for the people of Karnataka. A failed press conference that did not give us any clue or any answer to the number of questions that have been raised by the people of Karnataka of the Siddaramaiah government’s utterly dismal performance.

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Q: सर राहुल गाँधी ने भाजपा पर आरोप लगाया इनका चुनाव प्रचार कर्नाटक के मुद्दे पर नहीं बल्कि केवल personal attacks पर रहा?

A: मैं समझता हूँ हर एक कर्नाटक के मुद्दे पर हमारी campaign में हमने specific solutions और specific भविष्य लोगों को दिखाया है |

Q: Sir the question on SDPI, Rahul directly said no, so what do you…?

A: Well, it is all evidence that is there in public domain. He has to disprove that evidence. He has to show us that the Congress leaders were not campaigning with the SDPI to garner votes in the name of religion. He skirted every single question that was put to him today. You can see the press conference again, you will not find an answer to a single question, straight answer. Probably, it was a press conference more to show a desperate attempt to try and save the divisions of the Congress coming out into the open, where we all know the President of the Congress, the Chief Minister, senior Ministers, working Presidents, all are working at cross purposes, which will result, obviously, in a crushing defeat of the Congress in the election day after tomorrow.

Q: सर उन्होंने यह भी कहा भाषण में राफेल जो हवाई जहाज़ जो खरीदी…?

A: उसके बारे में कोई वह स्पष्ट जानकारी या कुछ विषय बता नहीं पाए हैं, सिर्फ हवाई बातें करने से मैं समझता हूँ कोई विषय नहीं बनता है | जो आजकी परिस्थिति है उसमें कोल गेट में लोग जेल में जा रहे हैं, आज की परिस्थिति में स्कैम के बाद स्कैम जो कांग्रेस की गवर्नमेंट का था उसका आज तक किसी को उन्होंने जवाब नहीं दिया है | और मैं समझता हूँ यह diversionary tactic कि देश की सुरक्षा को भी compromise करने के लिए कांग्रेस पार्टी तैयार है और आज जब देश की सुरक्षा के लिए हमारे सेनानी तट पर हैं, दिन और रात देश की सुरक्षा में जुटे हुए हैं उनके साथ जो व्यवहार कांग्रेस पार्टी ने अपने बयानों से किया है मैं समझता हूँ वह एकदम ही निंदनीय है |

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