October 12, 2018

Speaking at Press Conference, in New Delhi

Friends, we have of late been experiencing the activities of a serial liar. I think only an issueless man can repeat a lie again and again because he doesn’t have any other issues. But even if a lie is repeated a hundred times it will never become a substitute for the truth. I think we have a gentleman beating a dead horse, manufacturing fake news and then trying to spread the fake news.


We have a crystal clear situation where keeping national interest and the security of the nation as paramount, the government decided to expedite the purchase of very-very crucial and critical defence equipment. We have been able to negotiate terms, which are far better than what was the UPA terms between 2007 and 2012. We have been able to get faster delivery, longer maintenance tenure, better availability of spare parts and the much-needed defence capabilities, particularly in the current adversarial situation at the borders.


Yesterday, we got some more clarity from the CEO of Dassault Aviation who has categorically confirmed that since the implementation of offsets was an obligation under the Indian regulation also drafted during the UPA, they chose themselves the partners to implement the offsets. I am sure all of you have by now very well understood that offsets has not got anything to do with the current supply of the aircraft. Offsets could be implemented in different forms. They could be buying different equipment related to any industry. It could be automobile parts for all you know, it could be FDI coming into the country. Offsets has a very large ambit.


I was reading some newspaper report in a leading journal in which they had tried to construct how many different companies and counter parties all over the country are going to be fulfilling, helping fulfill the offset under this contract. The CEO has confirmed that of their own volition and choice they chose a particular company with which their discussions and contracts are persisting since 2012.


The Reliance-Dassault agreement dates back to 2012 and it immediately raises a question whether the Congress is trying to deflect from their own misdeeds of cancelling this entire transaction, this entire process because the French side was not willing to give business to a close associate of the first family, Mr. Sanjay Bhandari.


One wonders who is this gentleman, Mr. Sanjay Bhandari?What are his relations with the first family of the Congress? What are the angularities due to which the Congress decided to compromise national security, to drop the entire procurement of much-needed defence equipment just because an associate of their family was not probably being entertained?


I think it is time the Congress understood that this is a government with the highest standards of transparency and probity. This is a government which has implemented very necessary steps in the interest of India’s national security. And misinterpretations or convoluted interpretations sought to be made of a communication to the labour unions by the French company which is categorical in saying that under the Make in India programme we are obliged to procure from India and therefore, we will have to set up some facilities in India instead of setting it up in France.


I think a disclosure that the company made to the labour unions explaining why the work was being not done fully in France but may some component I think they have mentioned that barely 10% of Dassault Aviation’s offset compensations or obligations would be done by this particular venture. And I was seeing the number of other companies which are a part of the offset obligations. The principal one according to some news reports being DRDO, some other JVs with a variety of other companies. Of course, we have no official communication on who is doing what and how much except what we have read the CEO of Dassault saying.The final feedback on offsets will, of course, be available only by the end of 2019 when the first aircraft start coming in.


So, repeating lie after lie, falsehood after falsehood is not going to help change the reality.I think the Congress party is an issueless party. The Congress leadership cannot understand basic figures, basic elementary facts and are possibly trying to hide their own misdemeanours of 2012 where under pressure of the first family’s associates and to try and get an unfair advantage to the first family’s friends they canceled such an important negotiation and they compromise on India’s national security.


The Congress and its President has a lot to answer to the country. They have yet to respond to the issues raised by Mr. ArunJaitley. They have yet to respond to the issues raised by Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad. They have no answers to what Ms. NirmalaSitharaman has said. An issueless party and a leadership bereft of any truth is no substitute to the good governance and bold decision in the interest of national security that Prime Minister Modi and this government have taken.


I think the series of lies on Rafale that have been sought to be spread by their President Mr. Rahul Gandhi are before the world. The first lie where they have twisted a French media house’s report on Rafale which very categorically their CEO has refuted that this was a complete twisting of facts.


The second lie and fake propaganda on the Supreme Court judgement. The Supreme Court has very categorically refuse to discuss the price or technical details which are sensitive information for the security of the country. It has only asked for a report on the decision making process which has already been given to the whole country and to the press and will be provided to the Hon’ble Supreme Court. Very categorically the Supreme Court has mentioned and emphasized that the report need not have details of the pricing of the aircraft because that is technology sensitive and security sensitive information which is being sought to be misinterpreted and lies are sought to be spread by Mr. Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party on that.


The third lie about an officer in the Ministry of Defence being punished has also been exposed with officer having been out for some training programme. And, of course, we have a government which allows all opinions to flow. As Rabindranath Tagore had said, let information flow from all directions, let ideas flow from all directions. Everybody has a right, I have a right to disagree on a certain point but that doesn’t make me the perfect repository of all correctness on every issue when we are discussing in the government and ultimately the right issue, the right decision is taken.


The fourth lie about any quid pro quo between a particular company and the government with absolutely no allegations at all. They claimed that some ex-French President’s movie was being financed or something. We have no say or information on what a private party finances or does not finance and I think that has also been clarified by the company in question.


The fifth lie that the ex-French President called Prime Minister Modi a thief. I think that was the worst diplomatic gaffe that a senior political leader could do. It is shameful that in their desperation the principal opposition party chooses to even involve world leaders and the President of a country with whom we have friendly and good ties and seeks to put falsehoods in the mouth of a senior international leader which has to be contradicted by the French government as completely baseless and a lie.


And the sixth lie in Parliament where on this issue where he said he personally met the French President and asked him if there is such a pact between the French and Indian government about secrecy. It only shows the hollowness of knowledge that he does not even know that this secrecy pact was done in 2008 by his own government, by his own Prime Minister probably a reflection on the fact that he and his family were a super authority on the then government. He could choose in an open press conference to tear a law enacted by his own government and in that same streak he chooses now to spread a falsehood about a security pact done by his own government.


On the seventh lie he talks about all sorts of different prices of the basic aircraft and seeks to compare it with a fully functional, fully loaded and equipped fighter. It is not even comparing apples and oranges. It is like comparing a seed with a full blown orchard of mangoes or orchard of apples.


So, I think it’s time that the Congress President stops lying, stops lying that the Cabinet Committee on Security was not kept in the loop on the Rafale deal. One after the other his lies have been exposed and any amount of times that he repeats the lies I don’t think there is any replacement for the truth. The truth is before the country. Beating a dead horse is not going to get them any public sympathy.


Thank you.


मैंसमझताहूँएककेबादएकझूठकोफैलानेसेऔरझूठोंकापुलिंदासामनेरखनेसेएकव्यक्तिजिसकेपासऔरकोईविषयनहींहैभारतसरकार, भारतसरकारकेअच्छेकामोंकेसामने।भारतसरकारजोदेशकेगरीबोंकेलिएकामकररहीहै।देशकेवंचित, देशकेपिछड़ोंकोएकअच्छाजीवनदेनेमेंजुटीहुईहै।उसकेसामनेकोईविषयनहोनेकेकारणकांग्रेसपार्टीकेअध्यक्षएककेबादएकझूठबोल-बोलकरअपनीराजनीतिकरनेकीकोशिशकररहेहैं।मैंसमझताहूँएकझूठकोचाहे 100 बारक्योंनदोहरालियाजाएवहसच्चाईकेसामनेखड़ानहींहोसकता।


एकनॉनइश्यूकोफेकन्यूज़द्वाराखड़ाकरनेकीजोकोशिशकांग्रेसऔरकांग्रेसकेअध्यक्षकररहेहैंउसकापर्दाफ़ाशफ़्रान्सकीसरकारनेऔरजोकंपनीराफेलएयरक्राफ्टबनातीहैउसकेचीफ़एक्जिक्यूटिवअफ़सरनेपूरेतरीक़ेसेपर्दाफ़ाशकरदियाहै।औरमैंसमझताहूँअलग-अलगजोझूठकांग्रेसकेनेता, कांग्रेसकेअध्यक्षऔरकांग्रेसपार्टीबार-बारफैलानेकीकोशिशकररहीहैवहपूरेदेशकेसमक्षआचुकाहै, उसकेझूठोंकाकोईएैर-पैरनहींहै, झूठकेकोईलेनेवालेनहींहैऔरबार-बारदोहरानेसेझूठकाकोईपरिभाषाबदलतीनहींहै।


मैंनेआठविष्योंपरबतायाकैसेझूठबोलाकांग्रेसपार्टीने।एकफ्रेंचमीडियाहाउसनेझूठीरिपोर्टदीउसकाख़ुलासाफ़्रान्सकीकम्पनीकेसी.ई.ओनेदेदियाहै।एकसुप्रीमकोर्टकेबारेमेंझूठफैलानेकीकोशिशकीगईजबकिसुप्रीमकोर्टनेस्वयंकहाहैकियहप्राइसदेशकीसुरक्षाकेलिएसीक्रेटरहनीचाहिए, एग्रीमेंटकेतहतसीक्रेटरहनीचाहिए, प्रॉसेसकेबारेमेंजानकारीलीहैजोपूरेदेशकेसमक्षहैऔरसुप्रीमकोर्टकेसमक्षभीरखदीजाएगी।


तीसराझूठएकफैलानेकीकोशिशकीगईकिएकअफ़सरकोट्रांसफरकरदियागयाहै, छुट्टीपरभेजदियागयाहैजबकिवहट्रेनिंगकेलिएगयाथा।एकचौथाझूठपूर्वफ्रांसकेअध्यक्षप्रेजिडेंटकेनामपरफैलानेकीकोशिशकीगईजिसकाखुलासापूर्वअध्यक्षओलांदनेखुदहीकरदिया।एकपाँचवाझूठजिसमेंउन्होंनेराहुलगांधीजीनेकोशिशकीबतानेकीकिओलांदजीनेप्रधानमंत्रीमोदीजीकेबारेमेंअनाप-शनापशब्दइस्तेमालकिए, वहभीउन्होंनेउसकोपूरीतरीक़ेसेखंडनकिया।


एकछठाझूठपार्लियामेंटमेंदियागयाजोएकप्रकारसेभारतकेलिएबहुतशर्मिंदाकाविषयबनगयाअंतरराष्ट्रीयक्षेत्रमेंकिउन्होंनेफ्रेंचप्रेजिडेंटसेमिलकरऔरफ्रेंचप्रेजिडेंटनेउनकोकुछकहाकिऐसाकोईसीक्रेसीक्लॉज़हीनहींहैजिसकोफ्रेंचसरकारकाखंडनकरनापड़ा।मैंसमझताहूँभारतकेलिएआगेकेलिएभीएकमुसीबतछोड़करजारहेहैंकांग्रेसकेअध्यक्षकिविश्वस्तरीयभारतकीछविख़राबकरनेकीकोशिशकररहेहैं।औरजिसकोवास्तवमेंजिसकाशुरुआत 2008 मेंमनमोहनसिंहकीकांग्रेससरकारनेयहसीक्रेसीक्लॉज़बनाईथी।


सातवाँझूठजिसमेंअलग-अलगदामराफेलकेयहफैलातेजारहेहैंऔरएकसिर्फ़जोएयरक्राफ़्टहैउसकीप्राइसकोकंपेयरकरतेहैंएकफुलीलोडेडव्हीकलकेसाथ, एकफुलीलोडेडएयरक्राफ़्टकेसाथजिसमेंअलग-अलगप्रकारकेअम्मुनिशनहोंगी, मिसाइल्सहोंगे, अलग-अलगप्रकारसेउसकोयुद्धकेलिएतैयारकियाजाएगा।


तोजैसामैंनेकहाकिकोईबीजबोएऔरउसकादामकंपेयरकरेएकपूरेबागकेसाथ, उसप्रकारकेदोचीज़ोंकोकंपेयरकरकरझूठफैलानेकीकोशिशकररहेहैं।


औरयहबातकि  कैबिनेटकमेटीऑफ़सिक्योरिटीकोइसमेंजानकारियाँनहींथीऔरमोदीजीनेअपनेआपसेनिर्णयलेलिया।मैंसमझताहूँऐसाकभीआजतकइसदेशमेंनहुआहै, नहोताहै।सभीसरकारीप्रावधानोंकोपूरेतरीक़ेसेमद्देनज़ररखतेहुएनिर्णयलिएजातेहैं।औरभारतसरकारनेदेशहितमेंऔरभारतकीसुरक्षाकेहितमेंजोबहुतहीसाहसीनिर्णयलियाहैउसकेलिएमैंसमझताहूँकिपूरीभारतकीजनताऔरभारतकेसभीलोगमाननीयप्रधानमंत्रीजीकाधन्यवादकरतेहैंकिउन्होंनेभारतकीसुरक्षाकोप्राथमिकतादी।


इसकांग्रेसपार्टीकेएकप्रकारसेपॉलिसीपैरालिसिज़याअसमर्थहोनाकुछनिर्णयलेनेकेलिएइसकारणसेशायदकिउनकोएकपहलेपरिवारकेमित्र, पहलेपरिवारकेअसोसिएटकोकुछफ़ायदापहुँचानेमेंवहअसमर्थहोरहेथे।संजयभंडारीकौनहैइसकाजवाबआजतककांग्रेसअध्यक्षायाकांग्रेसपार्टीयाउनकेपरिवारनेदियानहींहै।


औरइनसबझूठोंकेपीछेकोईतत्वकेबग़ैरक्योंझूठफैलारहीहैकांग्रेसइसकानउन्होंनेअरुणजेटलीजीकोजवाबदिया, नरविशंकरजीकीबातोंकोजवाबदिया, ननिर्मलाजीकीबातोंकोजवाबदिया।कांग्रेसकेपासझूठफैलानेकेइलावाकोईजवाबनहींहै।




Q: ….


A: I think the Supreme Court has brought a conclusion to it. I only wanted to compile all the falsehoods of the Congress and presented before you today.


Q: सर, कांग्रेसजोहैवहलगातारजे.पी.सीकीमांगकररहीहै ?


A: बेबुनियादविषयमेंमाँगकरनेसेक्याफ़ायदाहोताहै।


Q: Sir, this Rafale issue is not much about the facts and accusations it is rather more about perception …?


A: We have absolutely no doubt in our mind that the people of India trust Prime Minister Modi. There is no problem on the ground in terms of perception. I think we only need to have the perception of the friends here corrected which is why we are meeting you.


Q: …


A: Because of the urgency instead of 18 aircrafts in fly away condition we have decided to take 36 aircraft. And for the balance since the urgency, in any case the balance should take a much longer period we decided we should invite fresh quotes and allow more people to participate. In so many years there must be more technological advancements. We will invite fresh bids and go in for it in due course. But to ensure that our squadron strength and the security of the nation doesn’t get compromised what was found most essential we have doubled that from 18 to 36.


Q: Are you saying it’s the same company with which the negotiations were on since 2012 and the same company with which …?


A: We don’t know. We know that there is a Reliance-Dessault agreement in 2012 and we are in any case not a party to either the 2012 or the 2017 discussion. Government has no role to play in that. They are free to as I mentioned to you they can even to FDI, they can even do different purchases of any other item from India. There is no direct correlation between the defence supply and the offset obligations. The rules of offset were framed by the UPA and they continued to be the same.


Thank you gentlemen, I have a flight ladies and gentlemen. I have a flight to catch.


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