February 3, 2016

South India’s transmission capacity to be 18K MW by FY20

NEW DELHI: In a bid to achieve ‘One Grid One Natio’ objective, the transmission capacity across south Indian states would be enhanced to 18,000 MW by 2019-20 from 3,400 MW when NDA government took charge at the Centre, Power Minister Piyush Goyal has said. 

“… in three and half years (NDA’s remaining tenure), Modi government would add transmission capacity by two time (in South India). The 3,400 MW will become 10,000 MW and by 2019-20 we hope to increase transmission capacity to 18,000 MW,” Goyal told reporters here. 

The minister expressed hope that with this massive flow of power to south India, government will be able to make the country “one grid one nation” which will keep the power cost under control. 

Under the ‘One Grid One Natio’ policy, power is available on demand to all consumer states at almost same prices. This can be achieved after integrating power transmission grids in the country. 

Goyal added: “In less than 18 months, we have increased the transmission capacity to south India, including Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu by 71 per cent. In the next two years, we want to add another 80 per cent of it.” 

On the surplus power affecting generation companies, he said, “I think the nation should be happy that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been able to convert mood of doom and gloom… perpetual coal and power shortage… shortage economy into surplus economy in short span of 18-20 months. Now power is available on tap anywhere in the country at one price.” 

He added: “It happened on December 29 and twice in January when across the whole nation you could get power at one price anywhere in the country. Once upon a time, the problem of power was so acute in southern states that electricity was available at Rs 15-18 per unit because of perpetual shortage.” 

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