November 28, 2018

Replicating the highly successful model from the Northeast to ward off elephants from railway tracks, loudspeakers will now play the buzzing sound of bees between Haridwar to Dehradun, dissuading elephants from straying onto tracks and preventing accidents


DEHRADUN: Incidents of elephants being mowed down by trains have prompted Moradabad railways division to resort to a unique solution: Play the sound of bees on loudspeakers to drive the animals away from tracks when trains are approaching. At least four elephants were mowed down by trains in separate incidents in Uttarakhand this year.

The Northeast Frontier Railways in Rangiya (Assam) has already used loudspeakers to keep elephants away from railway tracks. Now, the loudspeakers are being installed at Motichur, Raiwala and Kansro railway stations. The sound is played for about three minutes before the arrival of the train.

Additional divisional railways manager, Sharad Srivastava, said, “The buzzing of bees is played for a few minutes before the arrival of the train so any elephant nearby changes its route sensing the presence of bees.”

Sanatan Sonkar, director of Rajaji, said, “After several meetings and close coordination with railways, we have decided to use innovative methods like sound of bees to drive away elephants. Also, the forest department has deployed six bikers on this stretch to alert the train driver in case an elephant herd is sighted.”



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