April 22, 2020

Railways to the Rescue: In a deeply compassionate & empathetic move, Railways transports crucial life saving medical supplies from Pune to Belagavi.

The Railways has saved the life of a child by bringing crucial medicines from Pune to Belagavi, thanks to the intervention of Minister of State for Railways.

In a release, the SWR said that on April 11, a request was received at the office of the Minister of State for Railways, Suresh Angadi, at Belagavi.

“A 5-year old child from Belagavi was undergoing treatment from a doctor based at Pune. The medicine, said to be critical, was to be transported to Belagavi from Pune. The appeals (by child’s parents) to the Maharashtra state authorities to permit their relatives based at Pune to drive their vehicle to Belagavi to bring the medicine had gone in vain,” the SWR said.

Following this, the parents requested the minister’s help. The minister immediately directed the concerned Railway officials in Pune to assist in the matter.

“The medicine was brought to Pune railway station, and thereby it was transported through a goods train, which was due to pass through Belagavi. The staff of the train ensured that the medicine reached Belagavi safely the very next day,” the SWR said.

As Belagavi was also under lockdown, the Railway staff of Belagavi took the initiative to take the medicine closer to the home of the patient because the approach roads of the station were blocked. The medicine reached the child eventually and turned out to be a saviour of the child.


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