April 5, 2017

Power Grid boosts inter-regional transmission

The State-run Power Grid Corporation has commissioned the 765 kV Wardha-Nizamabad D/C line along with the 765/400 kV Nizamabad GIS Substation, well ahead of scheduled completion time of May 2018.

The completion of this project along with some other transmission lines will significantly boost inter-regional connectivity.

V Sekhar, Executive Director, Southern Region-I, has informed that this system will facilitate import of power from Western Region, mainly Chattisgarh, for which long-term access has been granted to Telangana. According to the desire of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, the project was fast-tracked and completed in a record time. Power Grid expressed its gratitude for the support rendered by the State and various districts administration to complete this project. This line will play a big role in transmission of power from other States, particularly the power surplus State of Chattisgarh.

Enhancing capacity
During 2016-17, Power Grid commissioned another major inter-regional link in the corridor of 765kV Angul–Srikakulam–Vemagiri D/C line facilitating the import of Eastern Region power into Southern Region in January 2017.

With the commissioning of the above two links, an inter-regional power transfer capacity of 9,000 MW is made available to the entire Southern Region.

Apart from the above transmission links, a 400/220 kV Substation to evacuate power from Solar Park at NP Kunta was commissioned in a record period of seven months from handing over of land during 2016-17. This has greatly boosted the renewable energy integration into the grid.

Vemagiri, other projects

During 2017-18, Power Grid through its subsidiary PSITSL, will be implementing the transmission system beyond Vemagiri which will enable power transfer to the new Capital region of Andhra Pradesh and further connection to Kadapa and Tumkur.

The works of 800 kV Raigarh-Pugulur HVDC project will also be under implementation and the completion of which will enable further inter-regional power transfer capacity of 6,000 MW for the Southern Region.

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