January 12, 2016

Need to look at alternative mechanisms

Power minister Piyush Goyal stressed that it cannot be the responsibility of the prime minister and finance minister alone to resolve the problems of the country, and said that all of us have to share the responsibility. Quoting author Paulo Coelho, Goyal said, “Once all of us desire good to happen, the entire universe will conspire to make it happen.” 

Goyal insisted that the aspirations of the people of India do not leave us with the luxury of time any more, and said one may have to look at alternative mechanisms to achieve certain goals. “We need the people of India to come on board and take this (passing bills) as a shared responsibility. It cannot be left to a set of people in one family to hold the country to ransom.” 

“I used to get about 100 files a day when I became a minister amongst the three ministries, and these were more often than not somebody’s individual problem. I took a decision that I will not sign a single file which relates to an individual company’s case, and insisted that the department does a root cause analysis and come up with a policy framework if there’s any need for one, or reject the case.” 

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