November 17, 2018

India’s Coal Production has skyrocketed by a massive 10.47% in April-October 2018 from the same period of the previous year, entering Double-Digit growth and fulfilling the increasing energy needs of our rapidly growing economy

The country’s coal output increased by 10.4 per cent to 370.3 million tonnes (MT) in the April-October period of the current financial year.

India’s coal output was at 335.2 MT in the corresponding period of the previous fiscal, according to official data.

In the current financial year, all-India coal production up to October 2018 has grown by 10.4 per cent and that by Coal India (CIL), by 10.1 per cent.

The country’s coal production increased from 565.77 MT in 2013-14 to 676.48 MT in 2017-18, an increase of 110.71 MT.

Between 2009-10 and 2013-14, there was an increase of 33.73 MT in coal output.

As on November 12, according to the data, coal output of CIL was 326.63 MT with a growth rate of 9.6 per cent.

In the current fiscal, the all-India coal dispatch up to October has increased by 8.3 per cent and that by CIL, by 7.4 per cent.

NITI Aayog has estimated coal demand of 991.35 MT in the ongoing fiscal which also includes import.

Out of this demand of 991.35 MT, the demand by the power sector is estimated at 760.66 MT and the non-power sector at 230.69 MT.

CIL, which accounts for over 80 per cent of the domestic coal output, had earlier said that it was optimistic about a production target of 652 MT for the fiscal year 2018-19



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