February 8, 2018

Indian Railways has revamped the Venad Express, which runs between Shoranur Jn & Thiruvananthapuram Central, with state-of-the-art features to enhance safety and comfort of the office-goers & students in central Kerala

Venad Express, which underwent the  much-needed ‘make over’, started service on Wednesday. The train which runs between Shoranur Jn and Thiruvananthapuram Central, is  perhaps the most popular train among the office-goers and students in central Kerala.  The train was accorded a reception by the Kerala Railway Users’ Association  when it reached  Ernakulam.

The passenger amenities in the train with spanking new coaches, include vinyl flooring, cushion seats,  LED display, modular toilets and food trays. The LED display  shows the train number and the station names. Displays are also fitted to indicate if the toilet is empty or occupied. The coaches are fitted with bio-toilets as well as GPS facility which will provide information about current  and upcoming locations.

The air conditioned chair car has comforts comparable to those of passenger aircraft cabins. The A/C coach offers wider leg room for a comfortable journey and it has foldable  curtains on the window.  The train  has a rake which utilises centre buffer coupling (CBC) technology as  a  better safety  measure s in case of  an accident.

 Amenities in the sole air conditioned chair car is almost same that of  a plane. The A/C coach offers larger leg room for a comfirtable journey, and s foldable  curtains on the window. The train   has a rake which utilises center buffer coupling (CBC) technology as  a  better safety  measure s in case of  an accident.

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