November 7, 2016

India Does Not Need to go in for Carbon Cuts, Says Piyush Goyal

NEW DELHI:  India does not need to shoulder the responsibility of carbon cuts going by the “polluters pay” principal, but has respect for environment and is doing its share, Power, Coal, New and Renewable Energy Minister Piyush Goyal said today.

“By the ‘polluters pay’ principal, India does not need to shoulder the responsibility,” Mr Goyal said during an interaction with journalists at Indian Women Press Corps.

“But India does not shy away from its responsibility… People in India have always respected environment. We respect nature as god,” he said.

Comparing India with the US, he said in the latter, power is wasted as buildings are lit all night.

“In the US, you can see from your hotel window…. tall buildings lit brightly all night. If you have a telescope you can even what is written on the papers kept in the rooms.

“In India we do not waste energy,” he said.

The Minister also said that the central government is working actively with states to resolve power issues in the country.

He said he has been getting good response from the states and regular meetings are taking place.

About coal supply to power plants, Goyal said when the NDA government came to power, there was a major crisis.

“When we came, coal was a burning issue. Today there is enough coal for every plant,” he said.

“In two years, coal import for thermal plants will be zero,” he said.

The Minister said a network of train, and water ways is being developed to ensure uninterrupted coal supply to power plants.

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