January 12, 2018

Govt. to develop Tirupati into a world-class railway station, which will help reduce congestion and improve facilities for the pilgrims

South Central Railway (SCR) General Manager Vinod Kumar Yadav said on Tuesday that the South Central Railway will develop Tirupati railway station at a cost of Rs 400 crore to reduce congestion and enhance passenger amenities in the railway station.

He further said the Railways had adequate funds for construction of rail-over bridges, foot-over-bridges, escalators and lifts in the railway station. He said the SCR was receiving representations from the people and political leaders in this regard.

After the completion of meeting with MPs from the State, the General Manager addressed a media conference here. He said Tirupati railway station would be developed in an area of six lakh square feet at a cost of Rs 400 crore to transform it into a world-class railway station. He said one more platform would be built at the railway station to meet the rush of passengers.

He said the SCR would construct 200 foot-over bridges, 100 lifts in the railway stations in SCR zone. He said that 58 rail-over bridges were under various stages of construction and the department is ready to construct the ROBs as per the needs of the people. He said the railways is giving priority to improve passenger amenities like construction of lifts, escalators etc.

Referring to the development of Vijayawada railway station building, he said proposals are underway to give the land for lease for 90 years as the applicants are not coming forward for the proposed 40 years lease.

Giving details of Bhadrachalam-Kovuru railway line, he said the Railways would be holding discussions with Telangana government to acquire land for construction of the line.

Referring to Nadikudi-Srikalahasti railway line, the General Manager said the 30-km line would be opened by the end of March 2018. He said the railway department was holding discussions with the State government to sort out problems pertaining to the Pithapuram-Kakinda railway line.


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