September 17, 2018

Ensuring Safety, Eliminating Risk: Indian Railways has removed all unmanned level crossings on major routes. Bridges and subways have been constructed at crossings for the safe transit of vehicles and pedestrians

Railways Minister Piyush Goyal is known to be one of the most hard working and efficient ministers in the current government. His style of working is akin to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s approach- a holistic and 360 degrees vision to all round development. Since Minister Piyush Goyal took charge of the Indian Railways, the national carrier has undertaken several initiatives, from providing extra trains in heavy traffic areas, to providing ground level support to the relief efforts during the Kerala floods.

A basic area of development, i.e. ‘Safety’ seems to have been ignored for several decades, partially owing to the general disregard for safety that the Indian psyche has. The Railways’ safety record has been marred by incidents at unmanned level crossings. This came to a head in April when a school bus ignored a red light at an unmanned crossing and was rammed by a train, causing the deaths of 13 children. Since then, the national carrier has taken proactive steps in removing all unmanned level crossings.


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