November 1, 2018

Early Diwali Gift: Railways has decided to remove Flexi Fares from trains with less than 50% occupancy, and will reduce Flexi Fares from 1.5 to 1.4 times the base fare

Flexi Fare Scheme was launched with effect from 9th September, 2016. The scheme generated high revenue however initially there was a drop of passengers which picked up later on. Further, to rationalise the fares an 8 member committee was formed to review the scheme and make it more passenger friendly. The review of the scheme has been done based on the recommendation of the committee, Comptroller and Auditor General’s report, and representations from passengers. The Railways has reviewed Flexi Fare Scheme and introduced following changes:

Discontinuation of Flexi-fare in trains with average monthly occupancy less than 50% throughout the previous year. (List of 15 Trains given in Annexure A)
Discontinuation of Flexi-fare, in lean period of 3 months, in trains with average monthly occupancy between 50-75% throughout the previous year. (List of 32 Trains given in Annexure B)
Maximum current cap of 1.5 times to be reduced to 1.4 times in all classes
To increase the occupancy of less patronised classes (2A, 3A, CC etc.), Graded discount of 20% on last fare on all trains with Flexi Fare and Humsafar Trains where occupancy of a particular class is less than 60% (4 days prior to scheduled departure of the train). Further, 10% discount will be offered as per the table given below:
Upto -70% occupancy : 20% on last fare

70-80% occupancy : 10% on last fare

Above 80% occupancy : Nil

Changes shall be implemented from Advance Reservation Period (ARP) i.e. 4 months after making necessary changes in Passenger Reservation System, on an experimental basis for six months to be further extended after assessing its outcome



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