December 1, 2023

Delighted to co-chair the review of the India-US CEO Forum, along with US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo & captains of industry from both countries. We reaffirmed our unwavering commitment to deepening commercial ties. The optimism and collaborative spirit shown by Indian and US industry signal a new era of strategic partnership and shared prosperity. 🇮🇳🤝🇺🇸 As both sides are focused on closer engagement based on trust, following key areas emerged from the discussions: 1️⃣ Supply chain cooperation across pharma, semiconductors, critical minerals & energy 2️⃣ Collaborative opportunities in green tech & scaling up manufacturing for clean tech 3️⃣ Strengthening partnership in critical & emerging tech 4️⃣ Bilateral industry led skilling programs including STEM exchange 5️⃣ Leveraging forum initiatives like NIHIT and Prakshepan to build bridges between startups and SMBs from both countries

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