November 1, 2018

Bringing relief to the 37 lakh passengers travelling on the Churchgate-Dahanu stretch, Railways will run 10 additional trains on the route, increase the speeds of 26 other trains and alter train schedules to ensure a smoother journey during peak hours

Mumbai: Western Railway fast tracks travel for peak hour commuters


The Western Railway (WR) has good news for the to 37 lakh passengers travelling on the Churchgate-Dahanu stretch, starting November 1. The schedule of trains will change from Thursday, making local train rides smoother and less harrowing; especially during peak hours.

The WR authorities will not only run 10 additional train services, but the speed of 26 trains will be augmented. The number of services will be increased during the peak hours.

That apart, for the first time, they have accepted that “peak hours” now start sooner than what is charted officially. Until now, the morning peak hours were between 8.30 am-11.30 am, during which they would operate 136 services. Similarly, evening peak hours fall between 5.30pm to 8.30 pm, when 130 trains run.

“We have now revised the peak hours,” said a WR official. Peak hours now start at 8 am and 150 trains will run. During the evening peak hours, now starting at 5 pm, 149 trains will run. There has been a long-standing demand made by the Railways with the state government for staggered work timings, so that people come in batches, reducing the crowd control inside the trains and at the platforms.

Apart from this, the cumulative speed of 26 train services will increase, thereby saving 233 minutes each day. This means that the trains will reach their destinations sooner.

For instance, the Churchgate-Bhayander local that departs at 10.54 am and reaches at 12.14 pm, which will now be extended till Virar, will reach its destination by 12.13 pm. This would cut down 25 minutes of travel time.

They have also added 10 new train services on both slow and fast corridors.

There is also good news for those travelling all the way from Dahanu Road. The WR authorities are increasing the number of services from 34 to 38 on the Virar-Dahanu stretch. Even the AC local train will now halt at more stations, namely, Marine Lines, Charni Road, Grant Road, and those between Borivali and Virar as well.



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