November 17, 2023

Addressed the Trade Ministers’ session at the 2nd Voice of the Global South Summit: 5⃣ key highlights: 1⃣ PM Narendra Modi ji has underscored the need for the collective voice of Global South to be heard whenever & wherever the world looks for solutions to global challenges. 2⃣ India’s G20 Presidency has been recognized particularly for the concrete & action-oriented decisions taken to make supply chains more resilient & inclusive. The ‘G20 Generic Framework for Mapping GVCs’, will help Global South partners become an integral part of global value chains & generate more prosperity for their people. 3⃣ In an era of AI, India is pursuing the use of technology to enhance fair and equitable global trade. Digitization of trade documents will lead to a widespread paperless trading system globally, reducing the cost of doing trade. 4⃣ India will continue to pursue enhanced mobilization of necessary resources for the ‘Aid-For-Trade Initiative’ at the WTO to enable developing countries especially Least Developed Countries to effectively participate in global trade. 5⃣ Greater participation in the initiative for the upgradation of the International Trade Centre’s Global Trade Helpdesk portal into a One Stop Hub for MSMEs will help them better integrate into global trade.

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